Everest Expedition via North Side – 63 Days

Everest climb via North (Tibetan) side is the least expensive way to climb it. The trip begins in the ancient and colorful city of Kathmandu. On the Friendship Bridge, border Crossing between Nepal and Tibet.

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  • Country
    Nepal, Tibet  
  • Duration
    63 Days  
  • Level
  • Altitude
    8,848 m /29021.44 ft  
  • Starts
  • Ends
  • Activity
    Climbing involve with Rope and Ice Axe, Sightseeing and Trekking  

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About Everest Expedition via North Side – 63 Days

Outing Information 

Everest climb by means of North (Tibetan) side is the minimum costly approach to climb it. The excursion starts in the antiquated and vivid city of Kathmandu. On the Friendship Bridge, outskirt Crossing amongst Nepal and Tibet. After entering Tibet, the timekeepers quickly go ahead by 2 hours. Our auxiliary government contact officer will meet us in Zhangmu. Subsequent to clearing Tibetan traditions and movement, a Chinese transport takes us up the blustery street through the moving slopes to Nyalam town at 3,750 meters, and an essential "lodging". The littler towns in Tibet are by and large basic and rural spots, and this one is no special case. The geography here is very intriguing in that we are roosted in the transitional zone where the Tibetan level rams into the Himalaya, at that point drops into the forested valleys and wildernesses of Nepal, lastly out into the Gangetic plain of the Terai and India. We remain more than one additional night in Nyalam, to help acclimate to the elevation, and amid our "rest-day" in Nyalam, we exploit the fascinating surroundings to stroll to the highest point of nearby slopes and enjoy the main looks of the Himalayan Giants. 

Everest North or South? 

Magnificence Himalayan Club run campaigns to the two sides of the Everest – toward the North Ridge and toward the South Col course. We run an undertaking toward the South Col since this remaining parts the most prevalent decision for first-time "Everest climber," as it gives the most guaranteed methods for achieving the best. Essentially, the time spent at more than 8,000 meters on the South side is less, as the summit is endeavored from the South Col (just shy of 8,000 meters) in one push. On the North Ridge, the best camp is situated at 8,400 meters, which implies you will be presented to the extremes of height for obviously more, spending no less than one night there amid the summit endeavor. The south side has a decent record of accomplishment, not minimum in light of the fact that many individuals go that way, yet in addition as a result of the force that these individuals create, particularly once the course to the best is opened by every year's first ascentionists. 

Be that as it may, the North Ridge has turned out to be more open as of late, and for those ready to adapt to the harder physical requests forced by the course, it gives a more savvy methods for getting to the best. It additionally maintains a strategic distance from the Hilary Step, which can turn into an impossible snag absolutely on account of the quantity of individuals attempting to arrange it on summit day. Be that as it may, specialized intrigue is comparable, if not more supported on the North Ridge, as longer sections are on shake, with a progression of "Ventures" to be consulted while in transit to the summit.

Short Itinerary

  • Day 01 – Arrive at Kathmandu airplane terminal (1345meters). Overnight at hotel.

  • Day 02 – Pre-trip Meeting and Sightseeing around Kathmandu valley. Overnight at hotel.

  • Day 03 – Official customs and Preparation day in Kathmandu. Overnight at hotel.

  • Day 04 – Final Preparation day in Kathmandu. Overnight at hotel.

  • Day 05 – Fly from Kathmandu to Lhasa (3660meters). Overnight at hotel.

  • Day 06 – Sightseeing in Lhasa. Overnight at hotel.

  • Day 07 – Second day of touring in Lhasa. Overnight at hotel.

  • Day 08 – Drive to Gyantse (3950meters) – 261 k.m. Overnight at hotel.

  • Day 09 – Drive to Shigatse (3900meter) – 90 k.m. Overnight at hotel.

  • Day 10 – Drive to Shegar (New Tingri) (4050meters) – 244 k.m. Overnight at hotel.

  • Day 11 – Drive to Ronguk (5000meters) and  climb to Everest Base Camp (5150meters). Overnight at rose camp.

  • Day 12 to 16 – Acclimatization and nearby investigation. Overnight at rose camp.

  • Day 17 – Trek to First Interim Camp (5,680m). Overnight at rose camp.

  • Day 18 – Trek to Second Interim Camp (6,088m). Overnight at rose camp.

  • Day 19 – Trek to Advance Base Camp (6,440m). Overnight at rose camp.

  • Day 20 to day 58 – Climbing time of Everest 8848 meters from North Ridge. Overnight at rose camp.

  • Day 59 – Packing individual gear at base camp. Overnight at rose camp.

  • Day 60 – Depart base camp and drive to Zangmu. Overnight at guesthouse.

  • Day 61 – Drive Kathmandu from Zangmu. Overnight at hotel.

  • Day 62 – Leisure day in Kathmandu. Overnight at hotel.

  • Day 63 – Transfer to worldwide air terminal for your last flight takeoff.

Trip Details

  • Day 1 - Arrive at Kathmandu airport (1345 meters).

    Our air terminal agent will get you at Tribhuvan International air terminal, Kathmandu and s/he will show a Glory Himalayan Club billboard outside the airplane terminal. You will be then transffered to your individual inn in our private visitor vehicle. Overnight at Hotel.
    (No dinners included)

  • Day 2 - Pre-trip meeting & sightseeing around Kathmandu valley.

    Early in the day, after breakfast, At around 8am, we have a pre-trip meeting at your lodging in Kathmandu and present your trek pioneer/control. If it's not too much trouble look for this chance to make inquiries about your trek. We will likewise supply you with our trek Duffel Bag, T-shirt and a Cap. For the gathering, please ensure you bring visa, three duplicates of international ID estimate photographs, and a comprehensible duplicate of your movement protection approach. Amid this gathering, please clear the due adjust, assuming any, and sign the legitimately restricting excursion shape and in addition the non-obligation disclaimer. If you don't mind educate us ahead of time in the event that you will arrive late and thusly can't go to the pre-trip meeting.
    After the Pre-Trip meeting and breakfast, your touring trek will begin at 9.45 AM toward the beginning of the day. We give a private vehicle and expert visit control. We visit Boudhnath Stupa, one of the greatest Buddhist hallowed places on the planet, where we watch Buddhist priests in supplication in the religious communities encompassing the stupa. After Boudhnath Stupa we visit Pashupatinath, the most renowned Hindu sanctuary in the nation, situated on the banks of the blessed Bagmati River. Here we see Hindu blessed men (sadhus) thinking, explorers washing and infrequently burial service fires consuming on the ghats. We likewise visit Bhaktapur Durbar Square, which is a gathering of pagoda and shikhara – style sanctuaries assembled around a fifty-five-window royal residence of block and wood. The fascination of the Bhaktapur Durbar Square are the Lion entryway, the Golden door, the Palace of fifty five windows, workmanship exhibitions, the Statue of King Bhupatindra Malla.
    Whatever is left of our chance in Kathmandu is free for assist investigation and some very late shopping in Thamel region close by your hotel.Overnight at Hotel.
    (Breakfast Included)

  • Day 3 - Official formalities in Kathmandu.

    Formal preparation at the Ministry of Tourism. The campaign pioneer will watch that everybody's gear is in working request. Overnight at lodging.
    (Breakfast Included)

  • Day 4 - Final preparation day in Kathmandu.

    Last open door for a minute ago buys. Overnight at lodging.
    (Breakfast Included)

  • Day 5 - Fly to Lhasa.

    Early morning exchange to the Kathmandu International Airport for the hour-long flight to Lhasa. This staggering flight takes us specifically over the primary Himalayan range, giving radiant mountain sees. In the wake of arriving at Gonggar Airport and meeting our Tibetan guide, Lhasa is a further two hour drive. The rest of the day will be left unscheduled for members to rest and conform to Lhasa's higher height. Overnight at lodging.
    (Breakfast Included)

  • Day 6 - Sightseeing in Lhasa.

    We spend today going by a few of Lhasa's numerous religious communities in the organization of a guide and translator. One of these is the Sera Monastery, a standout amongst other saved religious communities in Tibet. A few hundred priests live and consider inside its whitewashed dividers and brilliant rooftops. After lunch we'll visit the Norbulingka, the mid year royal residence of the Dalai Lama, and additionally the Jokhang Temple. This sanctuary is perhaps the most hallowed sanctum in Tibet and there is dependably a parade of ardent Tibetans advancing through the complex. Encompassing the Jokhang is the Barkor, a labyrinth of thin cobbled lanes that is the focal market of Lhasa. Overnight at inn.
    (Breakfast Included)

  • Day 7 - Second day of sightseeing in Lhasa.

    Toward the beginning of the day, we visit fabulous Potala Palace, which commands the city of Lhasa. The building filled in as the seat of the Dalai Lama from the seventeenth century until 1959, and contains various terrific state rooms and numerous essential churches. After lunch we visit the Drepung Monastery, established in the fourteenth century and once the biggest on the planet, with a populace of around 10,000 priests. Nowadays that figure is down to a few hundred, yet there is still much at the cloister of intrigue, particularly on the grounds that it was left generally unscathed amid the Cultural Revolution. Overnight at inn.
    (Breakfast Included)

  • Day 8 - Drive to Gyantse.

    We start the day's 261 km travel heading towards Rongbuk Valley. Following the Friendship Highway, we cross the Khamba La at a height of 4794m, from where there are dazzling perspectives over the waters of Yamdrok-Tso Lake to the frigid summit of Nazin Kang Sa (7252m). As proceed with our voyage west finished another high pass, the Karo La (5045m), we can see the fantastic sight of an enormous icy mass tumbling down to inside a couple of hundred meters of the street. Following couple of hours we touch base in Gyantse (3950m), going through wonderful valleys and beautiful Tibetan towns. Overnight at inn.
    (Breakfast Included)

  • Day 9 - Drive to Shigatse.

    Early today we visit the Gyantse Dzong, a fortress going back to the fourteenth century that offers stunning perspectives of Gyantse and the encompassing valleys. Before leaving we likewise visit the extremely popular Gyantse Kumbum. This glorious layered structure is the biggest stupa in all of Tibet. Notwithstanding its stunning brilliant arch, the stupa is loaded with Tibetan figures and works of art.
    We proceed with the 90 km excursion to Shigatse (3900m), the second biggest city in Tibet. Shigatse is a laid back city that gives phenomenal chances to unwinding and investigation. Subsequent to investigating the nearby market we will visit the Tashilhunpo Monastery, one of the biggest working cloisters in Tibet. Overnight at lodging.
    (Breakfast Included)

  • Day 10 - Drive to Xegar (New Tingri).

    The perspectives offered by this forsake level give awesome diversion as we travel 244km along the Friendship Highway on our approach to Xegar (4050). This extend goes through Tibet's most awesome scene. In the wake of going through the residential community of Lhatse we will cross Gyatmso La – with a height of 5220m, it is the most astounding pass on our excursion. The land rapidly slips to fields after Gyatmso La. While going through the fields we will see traveling herders, calm farmland, and isolates cloisters. Overnight at lodging.
    (Breakfast Included)

  • Day 11- Drive to Ronguk and hike to Everest Base Camp.

    Today we leave the fundamental Lhasa-to-Kathmandu roadway and make a beeline for Mt. Everest. We roll over the Pang La, which ought to give our first great perspective of Everest, nearly 40 miles away. At that point we slide to a town on the valley floor, proceeding up the valley to the base camp (5150m). The street turns out to be progressively harsh, however the landscape develops all the all the more staggering as we round each corner. At last we go to the amazing north face of Everest at the leader of the valley before us. From the base camp it absolutely appears to be close, however it is as yet another twelve miles away. Overnight at rose camp.
    (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Included)

  • Days 12 to 16 - Acclimatization and local exploration.

    Four days will be spent at the base camp while our bodies adjust to the high elevation, enabling a lot of time to appreciate the perspectives and photo Everest. For those groping to it, there are a lot of slopes to scramble up, and Rongbuk Monastery lays an eight kilometer (five mile) stroll down the valley. Another sight not to miss is Tillman's Camp, an unspoiled spot adjacent to the magnificent Central Rongbuk Glacier, which offers stunning perspectives of the north side of Everest. While there's bounty to find in the valley, it's imperative not to try too hard amid this period – there will be a lot of chance for effort later. At this period of the undertaking, climbers ought to adjust to the height, drinking a lot of liquids, resting, and appreciating the food of the Sherpa cooking staff. Overnight at rose camp.
    (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Included)

  • Day 17 - Trek to first interim camp.

    The trek begins effortlessly enough, crossing the stone floodplain of the Rongbuk River, at that point weaving along a way between the ice sheet and the valley side. After around 2 hours we achieve a decent perspective and turn steeply up to one side, leaving the principle focal Rongbuk valley. This takes us up into what is by all accounts a genuinely little backup valley, however it soon opens up to uncover the astonishing zeniths of the East Rongbuk Glacier. It was the revelation of this way in 1922 that gave the way to climbing the north side of Everest. After close to two hours since leaving the Rongbuk Valley, we make camp in a charming spot with a lot of room (5680m). The camp is situated on the correct bank, ignoring the waterway underneath, and is barely shy of the moraines and the toe of the icy mass that lay ahead. Overnight at rose camp.
    (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Included)

  • Day 18 - Trek to second interim camp.

    Intersection little streams and moraines, we pick up the contrary side of the valley and shape along it until the point when the valley makes a positive swing north.
    This will be the site of our break camp for future trips amongst base and propel base, yet until further notice it denotes the climb onto the ice sheet appropriate and the begin of the Magic Highway. On consequent voyages up the East Rongbuk Glacier, we will be fitter and better acclimatized, empowering us to finish the trek effectively in two days.
    The Magic Highway is a one of a kind tongue of moraine that goes down the center of the misleading ice zeniths of the East Rongbuk Glacier. The course is shockingly level, with little stature increase; the greater part of the exertion goes into adjusting to the height change.
    Once on the Magic Highway, the conditions turn out to be more troublesome than amid the earlier day's stroll, with ice and moraine consistent buddies from here forward. Toward the begin of the season, the streams on the ice sheet will be slight, conveying little water. Be that as it may, as the season advances through spring, and toward summer, some of these streams will move toward becoming downpours, requiring incessant course changes to cross them securely.
    The expressway in the end floats in toward the east edge of Changtse, where a lake regularly shapes. The between time camp, came to following five hours of moderate strolling, is settled near the passageway of the cwm toward the north of Changtse, near this moraine lake. Overnight at rose camp.
    (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Included)

  • Day 19 - Trek to advance base camp.

    The return of Everest is a charming diversion amid the last climb, and as you round the corner toward the propel base camp (6440m) the entire upper east edge can be seen, from the Raphu La to the summit. The shining triangle of snow featuring the summit four kilometers away and two up will issues its siren's call until the point that your strides cross it! Overnight at rose camp.
    (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Included)

  • Days 20 to 58 - Climbing Mt. Everest from north ridge.

    Starting here on, it's not so much conceivable to detail a climbing design, in light of the fact that the pace will rely on the pioneer and the specific group. For the individuals who have encountered extraordinary height some time recently, we intend to be as adaptable as conceivable to take into consideration every climber's favored acclimatization schedule. For a few, this may mean moving as high as Camp 3 on the north edge as fast as could reasonably be expected, before plunging back to the base camp for a long rest. Others should need to stay at a lower elevation longer, taking a few outings toward the North Col and resting there overnight however not going any higher toward the begin.
    Whatever routine is received for acclimatization, once everybody is cheerful that they have accomplished an ideal condition of preparation, the group will come back to the base camp for a long stretch of rest and refreshment.
    After numerous days of resting and setting we up, return again to ABC, utilizing the single interval camp toward the begin of the Magic Highway. Once more, we stop in ABC, to invigorate and check gear. At the point when the climate is as reasonable as conceivable we head up. The course toward the North Col is at this point an outstanding way, since we have climbed and slipped its slants a couple of times as a component of our acclimatization procedure. We'll likewise discover the meters sneaking past more effortlessly, with our sights now set on the mountain's apex.
    From Camp 1 on the North Col, the course swings to take after a long snow slope, the north edge legitimate, which rests like a huge flying brace supporting the upper ranges of the mountain. Despite the fact that this extend never develops soak, it is inclined to wind clearing frostily over the mountain. Following an entire day we achieve Camp 2, situated at the leader of the slope.
    From here the course proceeds onward to broken rough ground of smashed shale, as the north edge pushes off its layers of snow. The course remains moderately effectively calculated, in spite of the fact that the inclination increments delicately until the point that the following camp is come to. This camp is found where the mass of the north edge rams home hard against the main part of the mountain, on rough retires. The day's trek is remunerated with shocking perspectives over the icy masses beneath. What we saw as huge mountains transcending above on the Magic Highway are presently underneath, mixing into the background of the Tibetan Plateau and the flatlands past.
    The best camp will give you a considerably more prominent feeling of the world beneath your feet. The rising proceeds on broken edges, yet these are anything but difficult to explore, joined with shale and scree until snow runnels give out onto the north face appropriate. When clear of the stones and on more open slants, you turn specifically upwards, to touch base at the last camp at around 8,400 meters.

    Summit day

    Summit day starts before midnight! Leaving the tents in the still of the night, you climb up a swoon ravine that prompts the edge above. This line through the stones is more extreme than those crossed the day preceding, yet the settled ropes help lift you toward the horizon. Some scrambling will arrive you on the edge at more than 8,500 meters. The main thing now amongst you and the best is approximately 400 meters of rising, three shake steps, and over a kilometer of edge – a definitive tightrope! As first light breaks, you will see the marvelous Kangshung Face tumbling off to one side – a brain boggling drop into Tibet. For the principle area, you stay on the correct flank and cross effectively in places, yet the course is punctuated by the main, second and third steps. The hardest of these is the second, which has a stepping stool and settled rope to permit a rising, which would be for all intents and purposes unimaginable something else. Also, you can expect a vaporous cross in transit to picking up the best. At last, you step onto the mountain yields and last summit snowfield beforehand saw from miles underneath, proclaiming your landing to the Top of the World. Overnight at Tented Camps.

    (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Included)

  • Day 59 - Packing personal equipment at base camp.

    Overnight at rose camp.
    (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Included)

  • Day 60 - Depart from base camp and drive to Zangmu.

    We return by the same momentous street travel over the Tibetan level, remaining the in Zangmu and getting ready to cross once again into Nepal at first light. Overnight at lodging.
    (Breakfast Included)

  • Day 61 - Drive to Kathmandu.

    Once back in Kathmandu, Glory Himalayan Club will have a night grill as an opportunity to commend the endeavor, say goodbye, and thank the Sherpas and colleagues for their help and fellowship all through the outing. Overnight at inn.
    (Breakfast Included)

  • Day 62 - Leisure day in Kathmandu and Farewell Dinner.

    Grandness Himalayan Club will have a night grill as an opportunity to praise the undertaking, say goodbye, and thank the Sherpas and colleagues for their help and kinship all through the excursion.
    (Breakfast and Farewell Dinner Included)

  • Day 63- Transfer to airport for flight departure.

    An Ace air terminal agent will escort you to Kathmandu International Airport for your flight takeoff from Nepal.
    (Breakfast  Included)

Our Cost Includes

  • Airport / Hotel / Airport pick up & drop by Tourist Vehicle.

  • Standard twin sharing accommodation in threer hotel in Kathmandu; Breakfast included. (6 nights)

  • Two star hotel accommodation in Lhasa and Gyantse with basic guesthouse accommodation in Shegar and Zangmu including Breakfast.

  • Guided city tour in Kathmandu by Tourist Vehicle.

  • Two star hotel accommodation in Lhasa, Gyantse and Shigatse with basic guesthouse accommodation in Shegar and Zangmu.

  • Full board meal during the trek, camping at base camp and Advance Base Camp, prepared by our cook with hot Tea & coffee.

  • All base camp and Advance base camp camping gears (We will provide fully water proof dining tents, kitchen gears, dining table, chairs, toilet tents, shower tent at the base camp and advance base camp)

  • High quality tents for all camps.

  • Insurance for all Nepali staffs and porters including helicopter rescue provision.

  • Boiled and purify drinking water for the trek and at base camp.

  • Expedition permits.

  • Liaison officer and his round trip flight, insurance, wages, expedition equipments etc.

  • High altitude climbing food, fuel, Gas above base camp (you are also advised to bring some high altitude food yourselves)

  • Guide, cook, porters, helpers up to base camp

  • Climbing Sherpas (1 member = 1 Sherpa Ratio on climbing day)

  • A well stocked first aid and medical kit sufficient to counter any possible mountaineering ailments, from headache to serious injury.

  • Extra Oxygen equipment for medical use only.

  • A portable hyperbaric chamber (Gamow bag)

  • Emergency communications on the mountain and satellite communications link for helicopter evacuation.

  • Oxygen 7 bottles per team climber and 4 bottles per Sherpa.

  • Mask regulator

  • Sightseeing/Monument entrance fees for entire trip.

  • Welcome dinner for members in Kathmandu.

  • Power supply at Base Camp for charging electronics (solar and generator backup)

  • Flight cost from Kathmandu - Lhasa including airport departure tax.

  • Chinese visa and permit. (We handle all the paperwork for the Chinese visa and all the Tibet travel and climbing permits)

  • All our government taxes and vat.

  • Farewell dinner party in Kathmandu.

Our Does Not Cost Includes

  • Lunch and dinner whilst in Kathmandu and while staying at hotel/guesthouse in Tibet.

  • Travel insurance which covers emergency Rescue and Evacuation. (See the travel insurance page)

  • International airfare and airport departure tax (see the international flights page)

  • Nepal entry visa; you can obtain a visa easily upon your arrival at Tribhuwan International Airport in Kathmandu. (Tourist Visa with Multiple Entries for 30 days can be obtained by paying US $ 40 or equivalent foreign currency. Similarly, Tourist Visa with Multiple Entries for 90 days can be obtained by paying US $ 100. Please bring 2 copies of passport size photos).

  • Alcoholic, hot and cold drinks.

  • Personal trekking and climbing Equipment (See the trekking equipment page).

  • Tips for trekking staff and driver (Tipping is expected, see info below).

  • Any others expenses which are not mentioned on 'Price Includes' section.


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Total Duration 63 Days

Everest climb via North (Tibetan) side is the least expensive way to climb it. The trip begins in the ancient and colorful city of Kathmandu. On the Friendship Bridge, border Crossing between Nepal and Tibet.

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